Daughter of the King
She Is 2017

Hey beautiful girlfriends

Welcome to She is 2017 as we explore what it means to be a Daughter of the King. I pray that through our time together you will come away with a new understanding of the Father’s great love for you, of your worth in Him, and knowing that you, my beautiful sister, are a Daughter of the King.

Love Cathy



Central Queensland 5th & 6th of May

Set in the pretty country town of Biloela, this conference is for all those in the Central Qld region. Come, bring your girlfriends, and join us as we spend time together with God.


Far North Queensland 26th & 27th of May

Far North Qld girlfriends, your conference is at a new venue for 2017.  Come join us in beautiful Innisfail as together we hear from God’s word, worship and fellowship together.


Mt Tamborine 16th -18th of June

Picturesque Mt Tamborine is the setting for this camp. If you love getting out into the beauty of God’s creation and spending time away with other women of God, this one is for you.


Outback 14th & 15th of July

For the first time we are heading to Qld’s outback, and running a conference at Longreach. Come and bring your mums, sisters, daughters and girlfriends, we can’t wait to meet you all!


Sunshine Coast 4th – 6th of August

Mapleton… This camp is set in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and is a time of great fellowship, hearing from God, vibrant worship and prayer. Come join us!


Darling Downs 25th & 26th of August

Darling Downs girlfriends, come join us this year as we head out to Dalby for our conference for the first time. Come join us as God speaks to us through His Word and worship.


North Queensland 8th & 9th of September

Mackay girlfriends, we are coming to you this year! Grab your girlfriends, your mums, sisters and daughters and come join us as we spend time with God together.

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a kingdom full of beautiful daughters. The daughters were spread all across the land. They raised their families, went to school and worked and mingled in each other’s presence.

Some of His daughters knew Him well. They spent their time talking to Him, telling Him their problems, thanking Him for helping them. They loved their Father and He loved them.

Some of his daughters knew Him, but had drifted away. Some were angry that He wasn’t there for them, even though He was but they didn’t call out to Him. Some  were unhappy that He didn’t give them what they wanted and refused to speak to Him or acknowledge Him. The King still loved them, but was saddened by their scorn.

More of His daughters didn’t know Him. They weren’t sure where they came from or who their father was. Some of them were searching for the one who would make them complete. Others didn’t really care, but thought they were fine on their own. Others hated the King and broke His laws, scorned His name and abused His love. The King loved these daughters and cried over their hardened hearts.

A group of His daughters felt compassion on the daughters who were far away from the King. They gathered together and asked the King how they could reach out to His daughters – to encourage the daughters who knew Him, to heal the daughters who had hurts and to love the daughters who scorned Him.

The King directed them to meet with His daughters at locations across the land where they could come. He said to gather a team to serve and love His daughters and take music, make speeches, provide food and gifts.

The group of daughters did so. They took their music, speeches, food and gifts to locations across the land. They called the Daughters of the King to come and be blessed. To hear news of the King and His love for them. To rejoice and encourage each other. To bring those who needed to return to the King’s love and to bring those who needed the King’s forgiveness. The Daughters of the King came and they were blessed by the King.


This is a sweet story. I would like to say “and they lived happily ever after” but the ending is not written yet. It is YOUR story. You are a Daughter of the King! – Story by Cathy Ballantine