She is…Chosen

I’m really excited to announce that the theme for this year’s She is…. conferences and camps is chosen.  What it means to be chosen by God, chosen for His purposes.  To be chosen in spite of our own fears and insecurities.  To be chosen in spite of our imperfections, to be chosen in our brokenness. To be chosen and loved deeply by God. To be chosen by God, in spite of our weaknesses, for His glory.word art 1 Looking forward to seeing you all, as we explore what it means to be Chosen by our loving God!

Registrations open 1st March 2016

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Cathy Knechtli

When I was asked to take over as the new State Director for Queensland Baptist Women, my first thought was, ‘really? me? What do I have to offer?’ but I really felt God wanted me to take this position.  As God has revealed the theme for this year, that we are Chosen, and that we are Chosen in our weakness for His glory, I started to understand that He wanted me to do this, even though I didn’t feel I was good enough or qualified to do it. God enables us to do that which He has called us for, and as we explore that more this year, I pray that you will all come away with an understanding that you are deeply loved by God, and that He will give you what you need to do what he has chosen you for. I can’t wait to spend some time with you all this year, and to see what God will do amongst us! Love Cathy xxx


Cathy Knechtli is the new State Director for the Queensland Baptist Women. Cathy has a passion for Jesus, to share His love with women and for worship, and loves to see women and young people released in their God given giftings.  She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her teacher husband, 4 kids, and various musical instruments.